Kushiro.com TV on demand is the streaming site which broadcasts
the nature, a wild animal and a great scenery of East Hokkaido, Japan.

A recess of Japanese Cranes (2:44 seconds)

It`s free of charge now, showing to you of the ecologist..

Sakhalin Taimen. (2003-6-19) 
A recess of Japanese Cranes.(2003-5-25) 
Feelings of Train travel Sound only ! (2003-5-15)
Calm dance of cranes (2003-5-8)
The sacred crane on the hill (2003-5-5)
SL C11 171 at Kushiro Station (2003-5-5)
Lake Akan and Ezo deer  (2003-5-5)
Lake Harutori and a North fox (2003-5-5)

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